The need-to-know guide to protein

Many of us have protein gaps at breakfast, without knowing it.

Protein: Why do we need it?
Protein feeds our bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin and hair. The protein we eat supports our muscles’ maintenance 24/7/365. It literally helps hold us up!

Protein & muscles: What happens as we age?
Our bodies can store fats and carbs but not protein, so it’s recommended we eat it at every meal. On top of that, as we age, we need even more protein because we simply aren’t as efficient at utilising it. Here’s what we mean:

Up to age 20: We break down the building blocks of proteins and our muscles utilise them at a ferocious rate, building even faster than breaking down so that we can grow into adulthood.

Between 20 and 40/50: Whether we think we are an adult or not, our body acts like one and our muscles even out the breaking down and building up at a pretty balanced rate.

After 40/50: It’s not our imagination, everyone starts to slow down as around this time our muscles are breaking down proteins faster than they are building with them. The good news is we can do something to help, through the choices we make about how we eat and move.

Protein & breakfast: What’s the protein gap about? 
Many of us eat lots of protein at lunch and dinner but not enough at breakfast. This is what we call the protein gap. When we eat adequate protein throughout the day, it helps our bodies to regularly re-build muscle mass. We all know this becomes more challenging as we move past mid-life; it’s the way our bodies work. So mind the protein gap at breakfast for today and tomorrow!